Ultimate Screening


  • Powerful 10G technology = 3X the performance of traditional screens
  • Triple shaft technology = even force distribution = unrivalled screening consistency over the deck area
  • Massive reduction in blocked apertures
  • Can break up sticky agglomerated


  • Delivers the ultimate in precise material separation
  • Accurate screening – each time, every time
  • Consistent screening forces + reduced mesh blocking = reliable , repeatable results


HUGE throughput / m2 deck area
  • Process up to 3x the volume of material on same screen size


  • Process same volume of material on 1/3 size of an existing screen

Unrivalled Efficiency

  • Single pass screening of troublesome material
  • Reduced material re-handling
  • Excellent machine service access reduces downtime

Low Environmental Impact

  • Advanced suspension system = Minimal vibration transfer to surrounding environment.
  • High power & reduced screen size results in reduced plant installation costs
  • Lower operating angles mean reduced plant heights
  • Overall lower Carbon footprint than traditional screens

Low Operating Costs

  • Low power consumption / Ton
  • Low maintenance costs / Ton
  • Reduced mesh wear / Ton
  • Robust design – less downtime